Landing on the Kingspath.

The truth is in here!

Look what just landed on the Controversy Farm! This UFO is now available for a out-of-this-world sleeping experience! Adults sleep here for only 40 euro and children for only 30 euro per night.


There is free use of WiFi internet on the Controversy Farm so please bring your laptop, ipad, tablet or smartphone! On arrival we can give you the password so you won't have miss anything! You can also upload your pictures to Facebook or Twitter!
Parking is also free, so is hanging your coat and walking and looking around ;) We are sorry to inform you that our shoepolishingmachine broke down and we accept the loss of one Michelin star for that!



New at the Controversy B&B is our luxurious train, a compartment with 21 metres length and 2.60 metres wide with a boat as bed (1.65 X 2.15 metres), there is heating and air-conditioning, the whole train is insulated and has double plated glass and last but not least it has a Jacuzzi with whirlpool and jet stream built in a Mexican sombrero.   
Our train guests can also use the "Daf Terrace" with a wide view and roofed seating area.
for information regarding prices consult the "tarieven"page.
Lambor & Ghini.




Controversy Tram-Inn makes it possible !! Irma en Frank Appel welcome you to their completely restyled farm in the beautiful village Hoogwoud. 
In the garden of the Controversy Farm on the Kingspath are two trams that were active several years ago in Germany and Amsterdam.
These have been converted to four very luxuriously apartments where nearly everything "on board".
An example of supplies: a very luxuriously shower and toilet, a little oven, coffee machine and among other things a kitchen with frigidaire.
Also coffee and tea and several pots and pans stand entirely to your arrangement.
Towels and cloth  have been also thought off and are also present in every compartment.
The compartments can be heated via the present heater and you sleep in a two persons bed of 140cm at 205cm.

The compartments have been subdivided in three themes (Italian, French and English-American) with each its own type of breakfast. The Italian and French trams can be occupied by two persons, the English-American (little family tram) tram is suitable for four persons.
We've opened the "little family-tram" specially for parents with (young) kids, we have removed the dividing wall between the compartiments. This allows the parents to watch over their kids while they sleep in "their own" compartiment.

The terrace
the "little family-tram"

De "UFO" video store

You want to see the Controversy but don't want to spend the night in the trams? Off course that is possible too!
Specially for groups with a minimum of 15 persons, we give guided tours on the "Controversy Farm".
In this tour we will show you the "Controversy Farm" in all its aspects, including coffee and pie or drinks and snacks and a video show about Controversy.
You can find us easily with Google Maps, click here to find us.

New at Controversy! You can now order a DVD witch will give you a short impression of the Controversy farm and its surroundings. This DVD is even FREE when you decide make a reservation for a stay in either the Tram or Train. The DVD costs €. 5,00 ex. postage and packing and you can order it by sending us an  e-mail with "order DVD" in the subject and your name and address in the body.

For the curious ones amongst you a few movies thanks to Peter Rbit;





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